Tucked away in its own private valley in the ancient village of Correns – the first organic village in France – Chateau Miraval covers 500 hectares of land in the heart of Provence. Chateau Miraval’s exclusive valley location embodies an exceptional terroir. At the altitude of 350 meters the vines are privileged to enjoy warm, sunny days and cool nights, bringing freshness and balance to the wines. The natural clay and chalks soils are important in retaining vital water supply while at the same time draining excess water, contributing to healthy grape maturation. Since 2012, the owners of Chateau Miraval have partnered with Familie Perrin to help out the viticulture, winemaking and wine distribution. As one of the leading French wine producing families, Familie Perrin is experienced in producing high calibre wines. With the investments in the latest winemaking technology and a passion for excellence at every stage of production, Chateau Miraval is dedicated to delivering top