Forbes : The Best Pinot Noir is Grown On Rocks

posted by Taste Fine Wine Merchant, 30 June 2016

An article about Antica Terra from November 2, 2012 Article by Katie Kelly Bell

Maggie Harrison, winemaker for Antica Terra, was lured to Oregon under false pretenses. Happily making wine in California at Sine Qua Non winery, Harrison was invited by friends to move to Oregon and make wine. After a firm “no” she was then asked to just come and look at the property as a consultant. As Harrison likes to put it, “Twenty-six seconds after arriving among the oaks, fossils, and stunted vines I found myself hunched beneath an oak tree, phone in hand, explaining to my husband that we would be moving to Oregon.”

She does indeed boast a rather unusual winemaking pedigree—leaning more on her passion, intellect and creativity than on formal schooling. Noting her allergy to wine-making dogma, Harrison strives to make wines that “are transparently wonderful, pleasurable and beautiful.”

No slouch academically, Harrison has degrees in International Relations and Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University, walking away from an opportunity fresh out of school to work with the Carter Center (President Carter even created a division for her). She ultimately elected to make wine instead, but the road to Oregon was anything but straight and narrow.

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